December 2016 ANNOUNCEMENT

I am in the process of relocating my shop and orders will resume late winter/early spring 2017.


Good design speaks for itself, compelling on its own. Quality lives in the details. These details take time to achieve, but they’re worthwhile. I started NeverBeenBetterCo as a way to commit myself to the life-long journey of mastering a craft. The name captures the spirit of the endeavor, there is nothing new under the sun, death is certain, and life is a choice that we make to seize the time we’re given. I’ve chosen to be a lifelong student of the manipulation of natural materials to my creative vision. At the moment that it’s finished, each Never Been Better Co product is the best thing that I have made thus far and I take satisfaction and joy in sharing this with you.

Methods & Materials

Each piece begins with leather sourced from long established tanneries, cut, stitched and finished by hand to produce a unique item that is beautiful and made to last, to break in without breaking apart. I work with leathers I source mostly from the few American tanneries left that make some of the finest and most sought after leathers in the world. Each piece is cut from hides selected specifically with the characteristics and grain suitable for the application and finished with the utmost attention to detail. I hand saddlestitch everything by hand for the most durable stitches with equally durable thread thread and finish every edge and surface with natural gums, oils and waxes to ensure that your leather goods will be conditioned and ready for everything you throw at them.


I’m a one man show with a desk and some lamps in a room full of leather, things I’ve collected over the years that inspire me, and the music I love. Some might call it a home, I also call it a home, but also my workspace. I try to meet a 1-2 week turn around and will let you know if the situation is otherwise.


My goal is constant improvement and there is no better way to challenge yourself than to create something that’s never been made before to the exacting specifications of a client. If you have something in mind, send me a message at neverbeenbetterco [at] gmail [dot] com and I’ll consult with you about what leathers I have on hand, what I can get, what seems feasible, and we’ll work something out.